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12V DC Ceiling Mounted Solar Fan Manufacturer

china 12V DC Ceiling Mounted Solar Fan Manufacturer supplier
  • 12V DC Ceiling Mounted Solar Fan Manufacturer12V DC Ceiling Mounted Solar Fan Manufacturer

Product Details :

  • Place of Origin :China
  • Brand Name :CE or OEM
  • Model Number :DC-12V56B6
  • Minimum Order Quantity:500
  • Packaging Details:3 pcs / carton
  • Payment Terms:T/T,L/C,P/D,western union,Cash

Detailed Product Description
12V DC Ceiling Mounted Solar Fan Manufacturer

12V DC Ceiling Mounted Solar Fan Manufacturer 

1.More than 30000 hours life motor in high efficiency;
2.100% Copper Brushless Motor ;Energy Saving Motor;
3.Voltage:DC 12 V , Power: 6-36 W;
4.5 Adjustable speed;
5.75% Energy Saving compare AC motor;
6.Highest Speed: 320 rpm;
7.Keep perfect working even in low voltage.
Power Supply Source Speed Power Consumption
solar system 12V DC power lowest 6W
solar panel directly >=45W middle 15W
100V-240V AC power AC adapter highest 36W


Double Duty Power:
when you use the AC adapter, there is a DC socket on the bottom of the control box,you can connect the charger to the DC socket and connect to the AC power to make the fan work.
when you use the solar panel, you must make sure the solar panle is placed under the sunshine and plug the DC connector into the DC socket which is in the bottom of the control box.
Brushless DC Motor:100% pure copper brushless DC motor to guarantee the quality and life of the motor
1. With full copper motor, more stable and powerful.
2. The highest speed is 330RPM.
3. The rated power is 18W.

About Us:

    Foshan Carro Electrical Co.,Ltd was found in 2008,which is located in the world famous manufacturing center of household appliances- Foshan City, Guangdong Province . 
    AS one of the most professional and responsible suppliers in China,we provide qualified energy-saving products and solar applications solutions for you.We sincerely welcome customers to establish long-term cooperation with us.
    Our factory covers an area of 9000 square meters and we have over 50 sets machines and equipment in the industry.
    Our development and priduction of emergency energy-saving productions which include rechargeable fan,solar fan,AC/DC Fan and solar home system.Our products can be directly used with solar system,no need to use inverter,you can ales use the solar panels or battery to operate our products directly.

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